Is any data stored on the device?

The SonarDistance library itself does not store any data. All the data is provided by the library and should be managed by the App based on the aimed user experience.

What is the accuracy difference between online and offline use of SonarDistance?

There is no difference in accuracy between both the online and offline services of the library.

Are there any issues when working with cellular data networks rather than local WiFi?

There is no difference between using a mobile data network (3G, 4G) or a regular WiFi network.

Can SonarDistance operate in noisy environments?

SonarDistance can be operated in environments with low to moderate levels of noise, especially within the frequency bandwidth of 16 to 22 kHz.

In places near sources of impulsive sounds such as hammering or clapping, the SonarDistance algorithm may show inaccurate results. These kinds of sounds will affect the measure if they are constant over time but if they appear only from time to time or for a few seconds, the measurement process will fail once but, as soon as the interfering sound stops, the measure will be corrected.

We have observed very good results testing with classic noise levels such as people speaking louder than normal, background music or running engines (inside a car or bus).

Does the detection work at 360° around the device? What is the approximative angle covered in the distance measurement? How do we solve the problem of the user holding the device, standing in the way of the signal?

The SonarDistance algorithm works at 360° around the device.Yet, when the user is holding his device in a natural position looking at the screen, there is of course an impact. Therefore, the best accuracy is observed for those devices detected within a 180° radius in front of the user

Does the SonarDistance App have the microphone open all the time? If so, how do we manage to keep the mic active?

The microphone does not need to be open all the time. The App only records the ultrasonic signal during some seconds within the measurement process. The recording time depends on the number of devices involved in the measurement session. Each device increases the process with circa 1.2 seconds:
- 2 devices: circa 2.4 secs
- 3 devices: circa 3.6 secs


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CopSonic technology is distributed as a Sofware Development Kit and ready-to-use applications. Available for all major platforms. You can get further information and download the CopSonic SDK.

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A document dedicated to SonarDistance, a demo application that allows measuring the distances between nearby devices.


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