CopSonic, leader in ultrasound connectivity, is a French company providing a new communication technology which allows smart devices to interact and transmit data over ultrasounds.
CopSonic has created an SDK that allows measuring the distances between multiple devices using ultrasound (US) signals.
This is a universal solution, available for all smartphones (Android, iOS). Devices just use their in-built microphones and speakers.
This product offers offline alternatives: no data connection required.

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Cross platform software

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High-accuracy distance measurement

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Respect physical barriers

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Online/Offline alternatives

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Fast detection

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Blockchain compatible

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Our SDK allows calculating the distance between nearby devices with an accuracy of +-10 cm.
The user’s smartphone broadcasts and receives a message from another smartphone in proximity using a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultrasound signals
Once the 2 smartphones discover each other, the calculation time is around 5 seconds.
The distance measurement between the devices in close range is performed by ultrasounds, thus confirming the absence of physical barriers such as walls, doors or windows.

To go further...

The SonarDistance App has been developed to illustrate CopSonic's capacity to measure the distance between devices and warn people if they get too close. This logic can be developed using the CopSonic SDK or provided as a white label solution. The nature of the warning will depend on the aimed user experience (notification, buzz, sound...). The current demo does not generate a log of all device IDs met during the user's journey for tracing purposes. This can be implemented in compliance with local regulations for the protection of private data. SonarDistance can be combined with blockchain technologies as to safely store contacts and manage feedback notifications when necessary.

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To download the user guide for this demo application, please click here.


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CopSonic technology is distributed as a Sofware Development Kit and ready-to-use applications. Available for all major platforms. You can get further information and download the CopSonic SDK.

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Resource 1


A document dedicated to SonarDistance, a demo application that allows measuring the distances between nearby devices.


Soon available. In the meantime, contact our team for any information.